Global Campus Visual Contest

The Contest

Global Campus Visual Contest is the contest of photography and video-making, organised by the Global Campus of Human Rights.

The goal of the contest is to create synergies between academia, Human Rights defenders and artists to reach a wider international public and foster a better understanding of the issues concerning human rights and their protection.

The Global Campus invites photographers and video-makers, professional and amateur, from all over the world to submit their work.

The competition will have two category levels, for professional artists and amateurs to which students and Alumni from the Global Campus are particularly encouraged to apply. A number of images and videos will be selected to be displayed on a dedicated online gallery and in connection to GC events/activities ensuring international exposure also thanks to different partners and social media channels. The international jury is comprised of renowned international photographers such as Nick Danziger, Maja Nydal Eriksen, and experts in media and social campaigns such as Una Bejtovic and from the academia such as Rod Stoneman, Emeritus Professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

The entry period has closed. Please check this website again in September for the new edition of the Contest.


The theme

The theme for this edition is Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity is a fact naturally occurring. Our societies are increasingly diverse in terms of values, beliefs not to mention characteristics like gender, sexual orientation, culture, language, and more. Inclusion is how we try to bring out the unique strengths of individuals, groups and institutions. Evidence shows that by adopting and integrating inclusive practices and policies, and by managing them well, institutions and the people within them thrive. They become more engaged, innovative and productive. Diversity through inclusion is thus a source and lever of innovation and growth. In contrast to this, in the political realm we witness more and more the use of the concept of “Others”, “Them” counterposed to “Us”. This reminds us that people are and continue to be often discriminated because of ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, education and religion and that some governments and groups perpetuate ways and policies that exclude instead of including.

About the Global Campus of Human Rights

The Global Campus of Human Rights is a unique network of one hundred participating universities around the world, seeking to advance human rights and democracy through regional and global cooperation for education and research. This global network is promoted through seven Regional Programmes based in Venice (for Europe), Sarajevo/Bologna (for South East Europe), Yerevan (for the Caucasus), Pretoria (for Africa), Bangkok (for Asia-Pacific), Buenos Aires (for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Beirut (for the Arab world).

These Regional Programmes offer high-level, specialised post-graduate education and training in human rights and democracy from a regional perspective and with interdisciplinary content, as well as a multiplicity of research, publications, public events and outreach activities.

In this context, cultural events and art are considered to have a key role, positively influencing civil society and encouraging activism and concrete social change.